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Magnum safety & Security films protection for people & property

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Glass is an essential element in contemporary architecture but it all carries with it inherent risks. In the event of breakage, shattered glass can become a potent weapon with a high cost in personal injuries and property damage.

There are many incidents that can cause glass panes to fail. Severe storms or cyclone activity, earthquakes, industrial accidents, terrorist bombings- even a child colliding with a sliding door. And if security is an issue, then glass presents a fragile barrier indeed.

To meet these challenges MEP films supply a range of Safety and Security Window Films which offer practical and cost effective solutions.


Design & manufacturing excellence

Magnum Safety & Security Window Films from MEP Films are designed to prevent glass from shattering or to safely contain the glass shards in the event of breakage.

They are manufactured using single or multiple layers of premium quality polyester film bonded together to form a heavy gauge, high-tensile coating. A patented technologically advanced adhesive is used to affix the film to the glass.

This in combination with the tough film layers gives these films their impressive impact-energy absorption, glass fragment retention and extreme penetration resistance qualities.

Features of magnum safety & security films include:

  • high optical clarity
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • patented scratch resistant surface, with independent tests proving it is the toughest and most durable available
  • a simple and cost effective, safety and security solution
  • suitable for new and retrofit applications


Magnum safety window films the smart solution.

Building owners and operators can now help protect people and property from the dangers of flying, falling or broken glass with Magnum Safety Films from MEP Films. They represent a practical and highly cost effective alternative to fitting laminated safety glass- for new or retrofit applications.

Their use can help prevent and minimize personal injury at home or in the office and ensure a “duty of care” is met in this regard.

Magnum safety films benefits:

  • decreases the risk of injury from flying glass
  • holds broken shards of glass together
  • protects exterior glass surfaces from severe weather and wind-borne debris
  • may help to reduce insurance liability
  • protection against spontaneous glass failure

MEP Films are exclusive distributors of high quality residential and commercial window films, developed by CPFilms of USA, the world’s largest manufacturer, and the leading supplier of precision coated films. They have achieved this position through distinction in the areas of research, technology, manufacturing excellence, quality and continuous product improvement.

Bomb blast and explosion protection with magnum security window films

In an explosion, for example from a bomb or an industrial accident, extreme pressure waves cause glass to shatter and fly through the air with lethal force. The application of MEP Films’ special class Magnum Security Film can help to mitigate the risk of injury due to broken glass and help preserve the integrity of the building envelope.

Magnum Security Films have been tested to simulated bomb blast applications and are deemed effective in providing significant hazard reduction*.


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